The ASIC Engineering Company is an active web-based ASIC design center located in Carlsbad, California, USA.  Maintaining a lower overhead than a high profile business, we can offer you quality work at a very reasonable price.  Small businesses and SBIR projects are especially appreciative of the amount of money that can be saved.

At the ASIC Engineering Company, your confidentiality is guaranteed. We will sign nondisclosure agreements with all customers, and respect all information obtained from them as privileged and private.

The majority of the ASICE designed ICs can be reduced down into the following categories:
  • FPAs: Including infra red, visible, and Xray imaging. These range from small linear arrays to large monolithic 16 megapixel arrays. Recently we have been doing work in wafer scale arrays.
  • Amplifier arrays: Including low noise, very low power, selectable gain, selectable filtering, fully differential, and auto-zero.
  • Sensor interface: Including ion detection, accelerometer, electron & photon detection, thermopile, and microphone.
  • Signal processing: High capacitance & adjustable rail clock drivers, A/D, D/A, audio, sequencers, DSPs, and control circuits.

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ASICE is interested in hearing about your application! For more information, or a quote on your next design, contact ASICE .

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